Friday, March 23, 2012


It seems that the pond dah banyak yang berubah.. a.k.a banyak ikan yang mati.. and the addtion of a new big koi in the pond.. I really don't know what's the problem.. but it seems that the earlier batch of the koi has decided to commit suicide.. or rather end up their life in the pond.. about 10 of them just died one by one with no sign of why it happened..
I tried to change the water just in case that the water is polluted.. tapi not helping.. until one time it all stops.. and the survivors left healthy and active.. including the blind one.. Checkout the one without the eyes at all..
more focus and attention given to her lately since she's still struggling to eat and survive in the pond.. but looks like she can fit her way in the pond better now, and knows how to get the food better.. how? wait for me to give the pellets, and straight away pull herself to the crowd of fishes where the food is located.. cool stuff huhh?
The new addition to pond.. the big koi on the far left.. the biggest in the small porn.. ehhh pond.. and the most active of all.. moga2 takdak la yang mati lagi kali ni.. aminnnn..


max said...

I'm glad that you're safe and sound there. Lookin forward to hear from you again soon. Hope you will find a decent boyfriend who can treasure n cherish you & hope life'll brings you all the happiness you deserve, my sweet dear Kooiiii..

p/s kiss ketat2


NIKO75 said...

hahahah.. gila..