Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's the birthday of one of our clan members.. so the rest of the clan decided for a gathering to celebrate the birthday.. first, the dinner, which I wasn't able to join since I was trapped in the KL jam.. followed by the movie outing for the film, Bunohan.. too artistic laa this movie.. with some of the actors kecek kelate tok berapo nok jadi.. but the artistic part la makes the movie quite interesting..
not for local audience for sure.. depa sure tak minat as lots of them minat sempit, botol kicap etc.. heheh! amazing cinematography and Tengku Azura is just too beautoful for the orang mati character..
soon after the movie ended, we all gathered again at Coffee Village for the limelight.. bukak kek and tiup lilin.. hehehh! since there are so many people at the cafe plus the loud sound of weird org tua2 yg naik syeikh nyanyi karaoke nak tayang sora sedap kononnya.. we ended up nyanyi slow2 je and make it just our own session.. yg penting togetherness! Happy Birthday, HARRY!!!

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