Thursday, July 29, 2010


I was assigned to JB for 2 weeks now.. work was so stressful although there's not so much of an output created yet.. but since not many people are that experienced, everyone seemed to be in a lot of pressure then.. Anyway, JB seems to be a foreign land to me.. I don't go down that much there.. so I was kinda lost of the updates here in JB.. well, apart from the workload and stuff, what I was really focusing into was the hunt of good food in JB.. heard lots of good stuff, but donno where to start.. Well, at last I found a big makan place complex nearby Larkin.. and it looked like I found my jackpot here. hahahahha! So what's good here?
1. Kacang Pool
Quite famous in Johor I beleive as I found a few newspaper cuttings at the counter.. Something very new for me.. and surprisingly, not bad at all! Kacang kuda cooked with minced meat in their own secret spices.. eaten with bread.. nice stuff..
2. Mee Rebus Stulang
The ever famous Mee rebus Stulang Laut opens its branch here.. and the taste is not bad at all.. ordered the special one.. and got myself 2 huge udangs on top of the mee rebus.. really nice.. but I like the muar mee rebus better.. heheh..
3. Asam Pedas
What's with the visit to JB without getting the Asam Pedas? Also tried the asam pedas with rice.. and it wasn't that bad at all.. again, like the Muar one better..
4. Laksa Johor
This is my all time favourite.. I've been cooking this my own style for quite a while now.. and now I wanna try the original one, in the own land of Johor.. and damn.. it was really superb.. may be because I love the taste of Laksa Johor so much, or may be because that stall cooked a very nice one.. too bad the portion was too small, and malu nak order another one.. hahahahah! rugiiii..
The Bakso is also nice here.. .. kira semua sedap lahhhh...

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