Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Engagement Ceremony

Today is indeed another busy day for me.. the engagement ceremony of my cousin, Raihanah whom got engaged and gonna be married very2 soon..The engagement started with the discussion of the engagement, followed by the wedding and later the ring giving from the mother of the groom to the future bride.. followed by the 'hantaran' or exchanged of gifts for the engagement, in this case, the groom side gave 29 items while the bride's side returned the 23 items of the gifts.. ranging from normal wear to the sweets and food.. and after the ceremony, there must be food for everybody who came.. and we were all happy eating the marvelous food.. and I must tell u.. the chicken is so superb.. i had a few of them alone.. without the rice.. Nice.. simply awesome food..the caterer hired for this occasion is totally recommended.. heheh!Later, met all the relatives, and soon fall into a long chat among us.. Anyway.. to Raihanah.. Happy Engagement to you.. cepat2 naik pelamin..

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