Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fishing Moments @ Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang

It was my office mate who wanted to go for fishing by the shore of Port Klang, and I really wanted to follow him to feel the experience fishing by the shore.. So I'm all ready with the fishing rod.. only to find out that it's not that suitable for the sea fishing.. I only did some fishing at lakes or rivers before.. on a smaller scale.. so that explains the smaller rod.. and when I reached there and see the rod myself.. now I know it's not within my league yet..So instead of getting my tiny rod out and being laughed by the people there.. I'd rather stay put there watching him do the real fishing.. while helping him a bit on the second rod that he got.. heheheh! Such a cool place for fishing..The place is located at Tanjung Harapan, further down from the Muara Ikan Bakar place that's so famous here... one has to pay for RM5 each rod to be allowed in.. the fishing place is built on the water further off the shore.. a simple woody deck builds up the fishing place.. and the guys line up for fishing.. with a heavy ciggie smokers all around, all set up patiently for fishing.. cool!Quite a few gelama fishes that we all managed to get.. while some others also got the stingray too.. until at some time the fishes were shifted away by the sea flow that lots of them waited so long to get their catch.. We waited until almost 5am until I decided that I was too sleepy to hold on to it.. so I decided to head back home.. Such a nice experience.. and I'm surely gonna be coming here again..

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