Friday, October 31, 2008

Petrol price drop again.. starting tomorrw.. Yahoo!

Got back home just on time for the prime time news.. only to get a good news that the petrol price will drop again for another 15cent.. starting tomorrow! YAHOOOOOO! Hope this is not only gonna be temporary.. and hope with this continuous drop in the petrol price.. the price of goods and food will drop too.. the cause of domino effect from the fuel rise some time ago has set many damages to the consumers and people of Malaysia who suffered the crazy rise of food and goods, which also increases the cost of living too.. I read from the newspaper today that Tesco is taking initiatives to start dropping down the goods price.. which is a good start.. and hope others will follow soon.. and the food price will drop too soon.. We will see!
So it's gonna be RM2.15/ litre starting tomorrow.. and my tank is almost empty now.. and I need to go fishing tonite.. what shall I do? heheheh.. just wait till midnite so I can fill up my tank.. heheh!
Can't wait to go fishing tonite.. Port Klang.. here I come!

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