Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Journey Back & The Bad Accident

The journey back started.. It was hot as hell on my way back and thank god it wasn't me driving the car.. it was such a beautiful scenery of PLUS highway.. and it wasn't that far from Penang to Kuala Kangsar(KK).. why do i wanna go to KK? simply to check out the Labu Sayong from the originator.. and KK being the sole producer of quality Labu Sayong is the reason why I wanna be there.. The traffic wasn't that bad today as most of the travellers were back to KL since last Sunday.. so I can say it was a cool and relaxing journey.. until at certain point near Changkat Jering that I saw an accdent just happened.. I became so shocked to see the body still by the roadside.. and the MyVi that the driver drove was so in a bad condition.. tried to take proper photo but I can't so this is the only photo that I managed to snap.. Reached KK right on time after slowing down due to the accident.. and started to find the Labu Sayong place right away.. It's gonna rain soon in KK..

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