Friday, October 3, 2008

The Raya Gathering and Doa Selamat

It was the morning of raya, and after the raya prayer, it has been a tradition for our family to gather around and shake hands asking for forgiveness among the families.. followed by angpau giving to those who qualified.. hehe! I know lots of families who doesn't practise the tradition already, in fact some even question why do they have to celebrate raya, which is quite sad because they have lost the meaning of raya as the day given by god to celebrate after a month of puasa.. call me traditional minded or stuff, but I still believe in raya..The photographers were all geared up to take photos, lots of them..Somehow the kids were the happiest one.. you can see it in their eyes..Why? They surely gotta be happy as they will be receiving lots and lots of raya angpau.. and this is the time for them to plan on what they wanna use for their angpau that they have.. heheh!Although there are only 4 families gathered during this raya, you can see the crowd from the photo.. crazy isn't it? Imagine the other 4 families present as the usual raya.. pecah rumah tu.. hehehe! The tradition of shaking hands started with respecting the eldest first, and my one and only granny left sure was the centre of attraction, where my mom leads the team as the eldest of the family to bow and kiss the elders hands, asking for forgiveness, and later followed by angpau giving.. The photo session for the family is next, with the whole family gathered to take photos as a memory of this Raya gathering.. and after all were finished, everybody was easing up themselves for a moment while awaiting for the people from the mosque for the kenduri Doa Selamat.. The Doa Selamat and later makan2.. I'm happy that this was a meaningful raya as we get to gather, celebrate and still remember those who were already gone.. rest in peace.. I thank god for it..!


emm emm said...

fuuuuh niko pakai baju melayu birrruuuu hehehehe eh zizan takdak pon ? ke hensem sangat sampai i x kenai

NIKO75 said...

he's snapping the photo.. so takdak la dia dlm this photo.. shy shy cat one.. heheheh!