Friday, October 31, 2008

JOY.. The Cat..

Almost everyday, when I was about to go to work, i usually see this lady.. carrying her gorgeous cat down to the grassy place down the apartment for her cat to rest and walk on the grass.. The cats name is JOY.. and aged 15 years already.. originally from Ipoh, until in KL now, he spent some many years with the owner.. He is quite old already for a cat, and I don't know how long more will he survive.. but one thing for sure, Joy has an owner who loves him sooooo much.. It shows when I talked to the owner.. her face glows when she's talking about her Joy.. Joy was so shy when I tried to take his photos.. but still I managed to get some of his poses for the blog.. what I do hope sincerely is to keep seeing them in the morning before I go to work.. they made me smile, knowing how close human-cat relationship can be.. and it really makes my day definitely!

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