Thursday, October 16, 2008

Karaoke with Officemates

It's been months since we planned for a karaoke outing.. and as I'm still on my leave-break.. so I planned for the outing.. and brought them to karaoke at RedBox Sogo.. There's a talent competition held at Sogo when we arrived.. so I expected there should be a lot of people soon.. We all sang our heart and soul out(as if!).. hahahhaha.. and had more laugh than ever while singing... such a fun and enjoyable moment.. Well.. next session in a planning for sure, soon.. very2 soon..


emm emm said...

haha macam gambar kena 'rush' je... siap ic/paspot/lesen !!

NIKO75 said...

tu la kan.. sorang tutup muka, sorang tunduk takut org cam muka.. yg sorang lagi not affected pasai singing non stop... heheheh