Monday, October 6, 2008

The Marvelous Ayam Kampung Curry & Roti Benggali

Have you tried eating the bread dipped in the chicken curry? I bet lots of us do that.. and that's what I was looking for.. I'm sick of the rice already, be it normal one or the sticky one from lemang and ketupat.. it simply can't get into my mouth anymore.. so, me and my uncle went to a restaurant called Wajibali Restaurant nearby the Butterworth Jetty to get a really good local chicken curry with Roti Benggali.. It's simply marvelous.. so simple yet so satisfying.. may be because of the simplicity that makes it delicious.. but it felt so good.. the chicken was tender.. and the Roti Beggali hot from the pan.. dipped with the curry and the chicken.. yummy to the max.. just go and try if you don't believe it!

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