Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Kuala Kangsar Stop..

Kuala Kangsar, The Labu Sayong Town.. or the Royal Town of Perak.. with long Perak River in the middle of the town..I always wanted to take photos of the ever famous Masjid Ubudiah.. and the first stop was at the famous mosque of KK.. Simply amazing on how the mosque identifies the landscape of KK.. later to the Royal Castle of Perak Sultanates.. which I can't really take good photos because of so many trees surrounding.. some said that the castle is haunted.. and some said that one cannot simply talk bad about the place and the royalty, or will get the consequences.. Myth or truth.. I don't know.. heheh!Later to Perak Museum.. very beautiful architecture and pretty amazing in photos.. managed to get the description of the museum itself.. so read here if you wanna know more about the place..
Next stop.. the Labu Sayong place in Sayong..


emm emm said...

if u managed to singgah-ed and looked around inside, u might have found my daddy's salsilah in there la.. but my name takder i think, stopped at his only

NIKO75 said...

oh ya ka? keturunan istana la rupanya u ni.. cuma tu la ur name tak glamour so that's why la takdak in the list.. hahahah! kidding!