Monday, October 13, 2008

FishHead Curry @ Uptown Stall, Damansara

It was my friend who sms me to accompany him to eat at Uptown Hawker Centre.. just felling better from fever, he asked me to join him for makan2 as he was in the mood to eat.. well, he always wanted me to try the Fish Head Curry in Uptown Hawker Centre.. so I immediately agreed to the idea..The place is called Xin Xiao, situated in the middle of the Uptown Hawker Centre row, on the right side.. I knew this place is famous for the Chicken Rice, but never occured to me that it is also famous for the FishHead Curry.. so we ordered the meal for 2..and I ordered the Fried Squids to eat with it.. and we ate it sampai licin.. heheheeh! Really2 nice one!

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