Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fabulous Nasi Kandar Telur Sotong

What's a visit to Penang without having Nasi Kandar? It is meaningless without having it with Telur Sotong.. and I know a perfect place to get it, Kassim Mustaffa Restaurant in Seberang Jaya, right in front of Billion Supermarket.. Besides Pelita, this is one of the mamak restaurant that is full of people at almost all time.. so it's quite hard to get a table be it in the morning, evening or even late at nite.. people also queue for the nasi.. which is simply nice..Just had a simple plain rice with the Squids Egg and Fried Chicken.. don't forget to get the mamak to mix the gravy with the rice.. Heaven man! One needs to try it..

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