Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The FlashFlood @ Kinrara

It has been raining in KL almost every single day lately.. mostly at nite.. God I'm happy when it's raining as it's a blessing from God that its' raining.. but these few days isn't about just the rain, it was the whole package, rain.. followed by the thunderstorm.. and later flash flood.. it can become very troublesome to some people.. And that was what happened to me last nite.. I was on my way back from sending a friend home last nite when I was trapped in a heavy rain.. and at some point in Kinrara area, I found myself stuck in the flesh flood in Kinrara, in the middle of the nite.. Shoot! I don't think my blackie can make it thru the flood.. so I hafta reverse all the way to get out from getting trapped further.. and hafta wait almost half an hour for the flood level to go down..
Many cars were stuck in the middle of the road.. and too bad my cellphone battery was running dry so I can't take many photos of the scenes.. A pain in the ass, I know.. but thank god everything is ok..

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