Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Pasar Visit

It was my last day in Penang.. and I needed to go back to KL already.. my aunt, whom I stayed at her house, insisted that I stayed longer but I simply can't.. There' s a few stops along the way and I can't stay that long.. Dissatisfied, she insisted me to accompany her to the wet market before I made my move.. so out of pity and courtesy, I just followed her.. The Seberang Jaya wet market is just about 100m walk across the street.. and there' not so many people here at the market so I can just walk peacefully from one section to another.. My aunt got a lot of shopping to do.. and she bought lots of stuff for her makan2 party at home soon.. and she wanted to stop me as much as possible from going back by buying a the whole stack of prawns for her to cook.. but I still can't.. heheheh!On the way back, saw a crowd by the car, which turned out to sell orchids, pretty ones and very2 fresh from farm indeed.. a very friendly man who explained all the tips and tricks to plant orchids.. Go buy orchids with him if you happen to be in Sebarang Jaya wet market.. he will be there on weekends only by the roadside with his white kancil.. so cheap.. at only RM6 per plant.. go get one if ur in Penang..I sooo wanna get a few for my mom, but by the time it reaches Ganu, it won't be fresh anymore.. so I ended up buying the fertilizer only.. Time to go back to KL already.. and will make a few stops along the way in Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh...

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