Monday, October 6, 2008

The Relaxing Feringgi Beach

Just bored from a long lepak days at home.. greeting guests and showing fake smiles to strangers pretending to be nice and friendly, I'm sick of faking it already and decided to go out to Penang to relax..
The weather seemed to be beautiful today and it was freaking hot outside the car window, and my full blast aircond from Blackie didn't seem to help that much.. took a ferry ride to Penang as the radio forecast said that the Penang Bridge was freaking jam until it won't move at all on the bridge itself.. the ferry was slow but we still made it.. free from the crazy jam.. and headed straight away to Feringgi Beach.. There were makan2 stop here and there i.e. Botanical Garden, Penang Road and later Gurney Drive.. which will be elaborated more in the next entry..Feringgi Beach is still the same.. peace and relaxing.. and I can spend hours just sit and do nothing by the beach.. with a companion of my Kickapoo can on the table.. arrgghhh.. heaven! Many people occupying the beach, but it won't bother me at all.. as the scenery here was simply amazingly beautiful during that day.. may be the photos didn't do justice.. but still, one can imagine how peaceful the place can be.. Let me just relax a while and do nothing...Decided to use the bridge to go back, hoping that there will be no traffic jam.. and stuff.. Passed by KOMTAR, the tallest building in the island.. and a few very ancient shoplots that is occupying the roadsides.. Penang is simply amazing.. except for the traffic jam that is the pain in the ass.. and it came true with the nightmare on the bridge continues to let us stuck for almost 40 minutes back to the mainland.. Sickening! Yet I still enjoyed every single bits of time I spent in Penang..
Goodbye Penang.. may we meet again soon!

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