Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Shiny Blackie

It's been ages that I wanna polish my blackie.. but never got the chance to do that.. until I went to the Caltex station in Seberang Jaya purposely to wash my car only.. only to end up getting my little Blackie polished at last..
First time getting in the washing machine for car.. quite funny how I don't know to react on what needs to be done.. put on neutral, don't put up the brakes, bla bla bla... I just followed the instructions given by the workers there and later to the polishing deck for them to start their polishing work..They explained what will they do, i.e. put 3 layers of polish and wax and whatever shit we put.. and it took hours for me to wait for it to finish.. so I went to the nearby McDonalds to wait while enjoying a cool refreshing Ice Lemon Tea by the deck.. Finally, after 1.5 hours of waiting.. the new shiny blackie is presented.. and woww.. silau beb! Happy! Happy! Happy! and I bet Blackie is happy too..heheh! just me and my car, Blackie..

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