Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vote For Mazin & Anisa

It is now the second season of Sehati Berdansa at Astro and a friend of mine is involved in the program.. Meet Mazin and Anisa, who got married last year.. and great news is.. Anisa is now about 8 weeks pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS to them both.. a parents to be soon!So to those who watch Sehati Berdansa, I would like to urge you to vote for Mazin and Anisa.. for they are doing tremendous efforts to help raise funds for Persatuan Orang Pekak Malaysia..Here's some info about the couple (info and pics courtesy of Astro):
Name(Husband) : Mazin Ameen Siraj
DOB : 26 Januari 1980
Place : Melaka
Occupation: Model/Pelakon
Hobby: Membaca majalah kereta

Name(Wife) : Ida Chairunisa P. (ANISA)
DOB : 2 May 1982
Place : Balige, Indonesia
Occupation: Dulu model sekarang Surirumah
Hobby : Bola tampar dan permainan internet

Tarikh Perkahwinan : 1September 2007
Lokasi : Medan, IndonesiaInterview:
Pengalaman dalam perkahwinan:
Baru setahun

Pengalaman dalam tarian?
hanya sedikit pengalaman menari secara sosialSO to those who watch the program Sehati Berdansa.. don't forget to vote for them via SMS..

Type DANSA MAZIN and send to 32999
For bulk votes via SMS:

Type DANSA3 MAZIN and send to 32999 for 3 votes

Type DANSA5 MAZIN and send to 32999 for 5 votes

Type DANSA10 MAZIN and send to 32999 for 10 votes

To vote via Fixed Line:
Dial 13721/ 13723/ 13725/ 13730 for 1/3/5/10 votes & press 07 for MAZIN

To vote via Astro:
Press the Red Button R at Astro RIA, choose MAZIN.

Don't forget to vote now..

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