Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back To The Creator.. Al Fatihah

I just heard the sad news about our dear friend, Nik Zaima passed away in the evening due to Meningitis.. Nik Zaima was a wife of our 88-92 Jenan batch, Azizul Rahman.. I feel bad not to attend the sembahyang jenazah as I was still in Terengganu at that time.. and can't go back as I just reached Terengganu the day before..
Nik Zaima left 2 children, in which the youngest one is only about a year.. I feel sorry for the lost, and I do hope that Chon will be strong in dealing with the upcoming days without the loved one.. My condolences goes to you and may the arwah Nik Zaima will be placed within the chosen one by the God almighty..


Anonymous said...

Hi! Niko

It has been a while since the entry on KLCC view, the latest i read before i stumbled upon your blog again today. Hey, the nasi dagang and nasi minyak look yummy. They are my favourite too. Rindu Malaysia...

Keep on blogging!

Cheers - Riz

NIKO75 said...

Thanks riz..
glad that the photos can ease up ur rindu for malaysia..
come back once in a while for the food.. heheheh!