Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fabulous ATILIA @ No Black Tie Bar

It was Raja Atilia's performance at No Black Tie Bar.. and me and a few other friends decided to watch her performance tonite..The fabulous Atilia is one of the few jazz singer in the Malaysian music industry nowadays.. known for the silky beautiful voice, Atilia performed a fabulous numbers of the songs from her album and a few other English numbers.. which really blew my heart away.. Beautiful voice.. I can say.. simply marvelous..The album, Sangkar is out in the market since mid year.. and rest assured I'm gonna be checking out the album in the music store soon..She should be given more exposure on TV.. this is a hell of a voice.. and I'm sure one will be melted away with her voice..


emm emm said...

errrr niko.. don't u remember that i already have her cd, from our time in the cabin lagi ? original la, bro... lemme know when u want it

NIKO75 said...

ya ka? i don t remember laa..
so I can borrow la some time.. hehe! Anyway.. she's good.. really good!