Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lunch @ Aini's House

It was June's idea to visit Aini.. and we all haven't been able to meet her and the family since she's busy with the two boys that pretty much occupied her time already.. So we all met at Shell station in Gombak, and later convoi to Bentong.. a journey that took us about 45 minutes drive.. When we arrived at her house, she was all ready with the food.. and since it was a bit past lunch time, we were all straight away going to dining table for lunch.. Hungry!!!Aini is one of the great chef ever since our university days.. and with a special request from June for Ayam Masak Merah, she cooked excellently.. and we all wallap the whole thing religiously, until its all almost finished.. Other than the special Ayam Masak merah, she cooked Stir Fried Meat and Pucuk Paku mask Lemak.. added with the ulam.. simple yet so deliciouso.. heheh!Had our desserts, the cake, watermelons and jelly.. and chatted our way thru until evening that we have to excuse ourselves to go back to KL.. Anyway Aini, marvelous cooking.. and all the compliment goes to you Aini.. Lain kali masak lagi ye! heheheh..

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