Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Jalan2 Trip Around Selangor

My mom is going to Yogja for a few days on a work assignment.. and my dad stayed at my house for a while.. So just after I sent my mom at the airport, me and abah decided to take a long ride on the shore of Selangor.. and we started cruising thru the coast starting from Sepang.. where we stopped by Bagan Lalang for a short while.. to take photos and stuff..
It's simply a stunning view in Bagan lalang in the evening, and the Sepang Gold Coast hotel development added to the nice views...Later.. proceed to Pantai Morib.. which used to be famous some time ago.. I've never been there before.. and very curious to know how it looked like.. only to our disappointment to see the muddy shore with not so much of a good view..Proceed to the kampung route straight ahead to Klang.. it was raining heavily when we reached Klang, and we decided to stop an evening break by having Mee Jawa at the restaurant near Proton in Shah Alam..Sedappppp!
Headed back home right before Maghrib.. very2 tired..

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