Friday, November 7, 2008

Makan2 @ Little Penang Cafe

It was after work and we all decided to gather at MidValley for a dinner.. Since Puan Sri is away at a project.. and the rest of us are still stuck at the office, we decided to meet for dinner to catch up with each other.. and hear the latest gossip.. heheeh!We went to Little Penang Cafe as we haven't been there for quite a while already.. and after the order and stuff, we started updating one another.. lots of gossips and updates were exchanged among each other.. and when the food came, everybody suddenly became quiet and start eating like there's no tomorrow.. Hungry we were.. definitely!
Me and Su had kueyteow..Puan Sri had the usual meal, Assam Laksa..while Fakri and fiancee had their Prawn Mee..All good.. finished just in time on the cafe's closing.. and we were out immediately with full stomach.. Good food are meant to be shared and spread to people!

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