Friday, November 14, 2008

The Recording of Sehati Berdansa

I was invited to watch the recording of Sehati Berdansa last nite.. where in previous post I mentioned about my friend getting involved in the program.. It was held at Astro, Bukit Jalil.. and started at 9pm.. We helped ourselves with the meal provided by Astro right before the show.. where we had Nasi Goreng and mineral water by the canopy outside the building.. So many people, came in lots of buses parked outside the gate, mostly teenagers at their yuppy age with their happy-go-lucky personality were presence.. simply the right attitude needed for the show.. and since this is my first time attending this kind of recording, it was all new for me.. well, if not because of Mazin and Anisa, rest assured, I won't be getting myself into the crowd.. heheheh..I only managed to get a few shots before the show.. as we were not allowed to take photos when the show started.. too bad.. managed to watch the show till all the 7 contestants finished performing.. and as usual.. The host, Fahrin getting ready for the show.. Mazin and Anisa did very well with their Portuguese dance, which got lots of claps and wows from the audiences.. and impressed the juries as well..Can't wait any longer as my flu is getting worst.. and headed back home soon after the show to get some sleep..

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