Saturday, November 1, 2008

HSBC Cobra Rugby Tournament 2008

It was the Cobra Tournament this weekend at Kelana Jaya Stadium.. and this is definitely one of the biggest event the ruggers won't wanna miss.. and I'm definitely one of the one who's gonna be there... Bought the tickets, which cost RM10 for the 2 days event plus the RM5 meal voucher.. worth it!Lotsa people gathered at the stall selling Cobra products.. and after looking around on what's selling, I finally went up to find the seat for to watch the play.. Since today is just the qualifying round, lotsa team had matchs between each other to qualify for the quarter final, semi final and later for finals tomorrow..I'm not gonna say much, just check out photos taken during the play.. So bad I can't be there tomorrow.. as I need to attend a small gathering cum open house in Bentong.. Can't wait!

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