Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sending Granny Back to Ganu

My mom finally came back from Jgoyja on Thursday, and hafta go back to Ganu the following day.. and since my granny wanted to follow them back, and the car can't fit all of them, I hafta drive my granny and her nanny back to Ganu..This time, since I drove back to Ganu during the day, I decided that I wanna stop at Kemaman to get the Otak2.. or at least the Satar from Kemaman.. yummy! For those who don't know what those are, these are the local Ganu kuih, and Kemaman is known for the best place to get it..The journey is quite slow to me, since it was during teh day.. and being me, I don't really like driving a long journey during the day time.. but since my dad was so suddenly so bubbly in the car, telling stories of 1000 kinds, that managed to keep me wide awake in the car..Reached Kemaman at about 6pm.. just the right time for the Satar.. and a very delicious keropok lekor... simply syiokkkkkk!They have the selections of dried keropok and seafood too.. Made another stop to get ourselves a few stick of Lemang.. and varities of fruit pickles in so many different colors..Continued the journey.. and reached Kuala Ganu at about 9pm.. safe!

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