Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The trip wouldn't be complete without getting the Kek Lapis as a souvenir.. in fact I've got to buy banyak ni kek lapis nak bagi pada org yg memesan pakai air liur je kannn.. heheheh!
So pergi la semula ke Kg Gersik aka Kg Boyan to get the Kek Lapis tu.. My previous trips mmg selalu pi Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis.. but I've encountered another place to get those.. Mira Kek Lapis..Situated not far from DS, Mira is just a small setup at the bench of the river, but the cake is so moist and sedapppp.. funny to know that they name the cake over the famous songs of Juara Lagu.. awan nano la, ombak rindu laaa.. selling point yg senang nak tackle the Malay crowds kot.. tapi kedekut bagi sample.. ciput je compared to DS..heheheh
Across the street, a more proper setup of DS cakehouse, with lots of people there.. well, to be honest, before Mira, this is such a delicious cake to give as a souvenir, but now I think that the cake is quite dry and not as good as before.. but still the presentation, teh customer service, the packaging.. they are good at it..
So for me, I'd rather choose Mira than DS.. more moist, more delicious and perfect for souvenir.. one thing they need to improve is on the customer service.. be more friendly sikit la dgn customers.. but still worth buying la.. habis beratus beli cake saja.. aiyoooooo!Ikan Terubuk pun ada kat sini, so borong je la terus.. not much difference pun from Pasar Satok.. settle my souvenir part.. and later balik KL at nite.. such a tiring trip, but happy that my parents enjoyed the it..

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