Thursday, February 23, 2012


I learnt a new thing today.. I just got to know that we must check the thread counts whenever we wanna buy bedsheets.. and I just got to know that the higher the thread counts, the better the quality of the bedsheet.. Hahahha! all this while, I never know those things exists, and I never know that the numbers stated at the advert means something..

So what is thread count actually?
Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric. Thread count is affected by a number of factors, including ply and thickness of the threads used. The ply of the fabric refers to how many threads are wrapped together into a single thread. Single-ply fabrics use threads on their own, while two-ply fabrics twist two pieces together into a stronger thread, as well as doubling the thread count of the fabric.
Using finer threads also allows for more thread to fit in a square inch. Finer thread often results in smoother, softer fabrics, part of the reason high thread count fabrics are considered more desirable than fabrics with a low thread count. Finer thread also results in a more fragile fabric, however, which may not always be ideal. Two-ply fabrics help solve this problem somewhat by strengthening the threads and creating a more durable, though heavier, fabric. (from

So.. today, I got a surprise present from someone who is so kesian with my bimboness.. and what I got is a full queen set of 700 thread counts, very very beautiful blue bedsheet.. and that costs originally beribu lemon but after 70% discounts pun still beratus2 lemon.. gila laaa! nak lenjan pun sayang.. terus feeling2 macam dalam hotel ni.. with a very cozy and cool new bedsheet.. hahahha.. best2.. sila jealous ye!

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