Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Got myself a super crazy deal to Kuching last year.. and this is the time for me to bring my parents for a holiday.. they've never been to Kuching.. and after a year of waiting for the date to come, I managed to get them there.. happy happy!
Kuching isn't a stranger to me anymore.. been there quite a few times.. and this time the arrangement is better since we managed to rent a homestay and get a cute car for all of us to travel around Kuching area..
Things have been smooth flowing since our arrival at the airport.. with no hiccups at all.. except it is quite hard for me to find food that really satisfies them.. so for dinner, I brought them to Village Barok cafe at Kg Boyan.. and yes.. without Google map or GPS.. heheh.. still can remember the roads and routes in Kuching.. I always like the activities they have over the Sarawak river, the cruise, the perahu tambang, kenu practice and a lot more.. such a cool view of the river in the evening.. and now back to the Village Barok cafe..got ourselves a package dinner.. so-so aje food dia, nothing to be talked about, but the dinner time we spent together at the cafe.. precious! Mak said that the place is quite old and looked unmanaged, but as it gets darker, the ambience changed.. and the right amount of lights with the decoration made her undertands why the place is decorated as such.. Walked along the river overlooking the Kuching town.. it was such a beautiful scenery at nite with all the skyscrapers and lights all over.. and the moon looked amazing giler.. woww! ok laa.. time to go to bed.. balik rumah and tidorr.. gotta wake up early for a Serikin trip tomorrow.. can't wait!

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