Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's abah that really wanted to go to Santubong.. katanya nak jumpa Putri Santubong.. nak tgk sendiri where she lives and stuff.. quite eery when he started talking about all those.. pening dibuatnya.. but my objective of the trip.. make them happy! so layan je laaa.. The last day of our Kuching trip, we all took a slow drive to Santubong to fulfill Tok Mat punya wish.. not planning to visit Cultural Village, as it's already quite late and we definitely missed the programs there already.. so lepak je la di kaki Gunung Santubong.. apparently they built a very nice building overlooking the sea with a huge burung kenyalang replica.. and the scenery here.. wowww! amazing la.. cantik gilaaa..
So dgn happynya snap here and there.. byk la subject jadi bahan snap2 my camera.. sampai depan Cultural Village tu pun snap2 jugak walaupun tak masuk.. heheh!Abah still keeps going on with his Putri Santubong story, and even showed me the place where she lived.. and that made me goosebumps all over.. meremang bulu romaku laaaa.. dah laa.. nak balikkkk!


Unknown said...

i has been here few years back. I strongly believe that the visit to Sarawak is not complete without visit to Cultural Village hahah.

Best tau performance dia tu.. you can see the cultural show and theres replica house of every suku kaum Sarawak. Boleh tengok tengkorak real punya. Jangan sedih, insyallah theres will be next time kot.

Unknown said...


trip ni tak bawa 'Balackie' skali ke ?

NIKO75 said...

i know.. the trip wouldn't complete without exploring the Cultural Village itself.. but there will be more trips to come in the future to Kuching.. god will.. hehehe
Anyway, jenuh la nak bwk blackie pi sana.. biaq dia rehat sat kat LCCT tu.. heheh