Saturday, February 11, 2012


I donno why laaa, but lately I always have craves for sate.. susah kann! so I ended up trying a few sate places to end up my crave for sate, as well as filling my hunt for the best sate ever.. so let's see..

1. Sate UK - Many told me about this place, but I didn't know this place is so famous until I reached this restaurant.. besar gilerr.. and ramai jugak orang rupanya.. ordered the sate.. sedap jugak..
but the kuah still kureng.. and ended up just makan the sate only.. so-so aje..

2. Sate Willy - situated otw to Kajang town, my cousin, Maizi first posted in FB about this place, and after a few good feedbacks about this marvelous sate, I decided to find the place.. and yeah! I fall in love with this sate.. sedapnya tak terkira! Kuah still kureng.. worse than kuah Sate UK.. but the sate is to die for.. 2 thumbs up for the sate..

3. Sate Pulau - this used to be a very famous sate place in KL zaman dulu2.. but when I last makan the sate.. so teruk la.. the daging smells so lembu, not well marinated.. and the kuah kacang, tak sedap ok! A big no-no la.. saya sudah pangkah! sorry ye..

So, after puas makan sate, my conclusion is, Sate Willy is still the best sate and kuah kacang n sambal Hj. Samuri are the best sauce.. I wish I can combine those two, and that would make a killer sate in town.. errr.. pakcik boleh ke tukar profession jadi penjual sate now? heheheh...

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