Thursday, September 11, 2008

Music @ Jason Mraz

Ever heard Jason Mraz's music? The moment I heard the songs, I just fall in love with all the songs in the album... The wonderful yet simple music arrangement, the lyrics makes the gorgeous unique songs... and definitely one of it's kind's voice is what makes Jason Mraz is famous nowadays... I can't really categorize the type of music he is representing, kinda mixture of jazz and raggae kinda stuff, but the songs pretty much reminds me of UB40 and James Blunt combined together... heheh!Biography:
Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz hails from Mechanicsville, VA, where he grew up as a fan of the Dave Matthews Band and local roots musicians the Agents of Good Roots. But it was Mraz's interest and participation in musical theater that was his first introduction to music. Mraz moved to New York following high school to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy but dropped out a year later when he took up the guitar and began to focus on songwriting. Nonetheless, Mraz's training as a vocalist would show itself on his debut album which is marked by the pure clarity and range of his vocals. In early 2002, Mraz signed to Elektra Records and returned to Virginia to write and record his debut album, working with producer John AlagĂ­a (the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer) and his high school heroes, the Agents of Good Roots, as his backing band. The resulting effort, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, was released in November of 2002. It blended Mraz's early influences and coming-of-age sensibilities with country, roots rock, the poeticism of coffeehouse folk, elements of jazz, and hip-hop's rhythmic charge. The buoyant first single "Remedy [I Won't Worry]" (co-written by Mraz with pop hitmakers the Matrix) was a hit, and Mraz headed out on the road to support it. One of those shows, an October 2003 date at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, became Mraz' summer 2004 live release Tonight, Not Again. it tided his fans over until July 2005, when he returned with the sophomore studio effort Mr. A-Z.
~ Christina Saraceno, All Music Guide

I especially like I’m Yours arrangement.. it’s catchy to the ears and a peace to the heart. All other songs were equally entertaining too, but you definitely won’t having the CD and play it in your car on your way back from work.. Simply cool, refreshing and peaceful music..

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