Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Company's Berbuka Puasa @ Tupai2 Restaurant

It's company berbuka puasa at Tupai2 on Friday.. but not so many were able to attend it.. may be bacause of the work commitments and berbuka with family rituals that some did not want to miss.. Endless emails were sent to confirm the attendance, and warnings about the jammed roads were informed by colleagues before the arrival.. Many arrived late due to massive traffic jam and lack of parking around the area.. I've been to Tupai2 before for lunch, and would expect the food will be good, as usual.. Sea of people were occupying the whole area of the huge restaurant, and food prepared were so varieties in selection, people went crazy over the food, queuing a long queue and waiting the long wait for the food..Selection of food from western food, local kampung delicacies and indian dishes were available to choose.. and this is the catch that we all have.. to share with all at the table.. We chatted for hours like we haven't met for so long, had fun laughing, gossiping and taking down one after another after the long hours of work.. and rest assured everyone went home satisfied with the food, and the laughter.. hahahah!

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