Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Reunion @ RAHSIA Restaurant

It's the reunion many of the old school colleagues have been waiting for.. the emails sent endlessly to ensure people come for the gathering.. phone calls here and there to remind of the event.. and the personalized direction guide service to ensure the guests arrived at ease and in peace..
This is one of the biggest reunion for my high school.. and this has been a yearly event to gather all the old friends to meet and update each other of the latest news, and introduce the families of each other to friends..
I can see the bonding of us are getting better and better every year.. and this kind of event is surely a great way to achieve it.. anyway.. the place is at RAHSIA restaurant.. where the Buka Puasa was held.. I don't wanna talk about the food here.. as most of the food sucks, and the service also sucks big time.. so slow.. just the credit goes to the interior and exterior of the restaurant.. and the garden type buka puasa was just the wonderful setup the place has here.. where my friends are all gathered to take food for berbuka.. I can see that this year, quite a lot of long lost friends were contacted and gathered again.. Checkout their group photos.. The ladies posing for the camera.. while some of the guys lepak2 awaiting for their turn for photo taking.. now, ready for the group photos.. pose laa! time to say goodbye.. everybody' prepared to go home.. .. great job to those who did the efforts.. and I'm so happy to see the long lost friends met each other again..

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