Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Raya Cookies

By now, I guess everybody must have their own raya cookies to bring back home for their parents.. I still don't have a chance to buy any.. but thank god I got myself a few types of free cookies from friends.. I don't know what the cookies are called.. but it looks nice and tastes delicious.. hehe!
1 from friends..2 from the neighbour next door, Kak Zura..2 that I bought myself..Thanks so much for the courtesy and rememberance.. Tak payah dah nak beli banyak kuih raya.. heheheh!
Meanwhile, my visit to check out the kuih raya that I wanna buy turned out to be a pretty interesting one.. lots of cookies to choose from.. nice colorful and delicious looking combination of the cookies really interests me.. Check it out!Nice one eh?

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