Monday, September 8, 2008

A Berbuka Invitation

It was actually a forced invitation from my cousins.. either I come, or I come.. no choice of not going! heheh.. so I went to their house anyway for the berbuka..
The wife, Riss is a great cook.. I can say that all of the food that she cooked were marvelous.. so imagine la.. how can I diet when I go to their house? heheheh!
Anyway, they were grilling Daging Panggang the moment I arrived, lots of them.. to eat with rice.. apart from that, the berbuka dishes includes the Chicken Masak Lemak Cili Api and Mixed Vege.. with kuih2 to add to the full table.. I brought 2 types of exotic gas drinks, Kickapoo and Sams Root Beer.. hahahha! Hard to find in KL.. but bersepah jual in Penang.. no matter what we have for berbuka, the most important thing is the family bonding that we all have.. berbuka with family is definitely the best time of the day, especially with so many people around the table to break the fast.. that's the happiest moment of the day..


mike said...

I agree Kickapoo drink vry hard to find except for Peng.

NIKO75 said...

Kickapoo rocks! It seems like the Penang people like it very much compared to any other places.. and so does Sams Root Beer.. the red label one.. better than A&W man!