Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bazar Ramadhan @ USJ

I was back to work after the long weekend.. and was sooooo not in the mood to work.. Somehow puasa makes me so lazy.. and always getting kinda dreamy.. Can't wait for the day to end as I need to go to the gym for my regular workout.. It was raining big time today since the afternoon, till late evening, and I was on my way to the gym that I saw the crowded area beside the road and the cars were parked unattended by the road side… It's a Bazar Ramadhan in USJ.. and Puan Sri called earlier and told me that I should make a stop here for the food… so I did..
It was raining quite heavily in the evening that I can't really take a walk down the bazar.. I forgot my umbrella so there I was walking, all wet on the rainy day.. I only managed to buy the fried BeeHoon from the Chinese Muslim stall.. Can't walk any longer as the rain getting heavier and I quickly made my exit to the car almost immediately..
I'm looking forward to go there again next time to check out what else is good there


Beruang Madu said...

bagus lah NIko nihh... bulan2 puasa pun gi workout jugak... Abg Bear nak tiru lah gaya nih...

NIKO75 said...

hahahha.. iyo la abg bear.. dah seminggu dah tak pi gym ni.. badan pun makin naik ada la dlm bulan puasa ni.. adoiiiii! hahahah!