Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last Working Day Before Raya

It's the last day of the working today before we take a break for a long holiday.. People in the office are so laid back and taking their own time too.. but some need to finish up some of their works before raya..Today is also my last day working at client's office.. after almost a year camping at the client's office, I guess I will miss the long drive to SA, the endless jam.. and the difficult clients that we have during our year of camping here.. I will be back to the HQ office in KL after raya.. and I can sense the massive traffic jam that I may face when I'm back to KL.. Meanwhile, it's quite sad to leave the cabin that we stayed for almost a year.. life goes on.. and I do hope they are happy there moving on woth their life..I will be on 2 weeks leave... yeahoooooo!

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