Friday, September 12, 2008

Bills, Bills, Bills

It's Friday today.. and it seems that today, I'm so busy running errants paying bills here and there.. I know I'm not the type that settles down the bills early of the month type.. my bad!The maintenance fees of the apartment needs to be settled, and yeah, I settled it all.. quite a lot of money flew away to the maintenance of the apartment as the amount has been accumulated for quite some time, hence ended in a big sum of cash.. adoiiiiii! I need to get myself a landed property laaa.. more worth it!
Now, that's one bill.. another bill to pay is the gym's monthly fees.. which I ended up settling it all also.. terbang lagi duit!
Thank god I cut all my credit cards.. so I don't hafta deal with the overspent and all again.. I've had enough of the credit cards, and now i wanna be free of the damn card.. it made my life miserable before.. that explains why i paid all the bills by cash.. within limit and easy to track!Nonetheless, I still need to manage my financial more efficiently starting from now on and not let the bills accumulated again laaa.. me being a procrastinator isn't doing any good.. instead troubled me in the end.. adoiiii! I need a financial controller! hahahah!


Beruang Madu said...

Tulah pasal jangan tunggak tunggak bayar... kan dah jadi macam tu... bagus juga Nico dah tinggalkan kredit kad... ABg BEar pun ada kredit kad tapi setiap kali guna terus bayar.. dah buat macam debit kad pulak....

NIKO75 said...

dah serik nak pakai credit card dah.. sekarang ni cut all the credit cards and bayar je laaa.. I made a vow to myself not to tunggakkan the bills lagi dahhh... pokai pakcik dahhh!