Monday, September 22, 2008

Counting Days...

It's Monday, and this week will be the last week of the fasting month..

FIVE more days before the RAYA, hence the longggg holiday..

And then most of us are all off to balik kampung for raya..

I bet most people are already in their raya mood this week..

Most businesses, except for Makan business should be slower, especially since raya is around the corner..

Will the company be kind enough to give us duit raya this year?

Will the petrol price go down this week?

FIVE days, FIVE more days... and counting...

Can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed! lambatnya nak raya kan

NIKO75 said...

yup.. mmg sekarang ni almost everybody dah counting days nak raya.. i'm more to the long weekend.. balik kampung and lepak2 with relatives.. tak sabar betul..