Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Visit to Kota Bahru

It's been so many years that I've haven't been to Kota Bharu town.. The last time I went was about 20 years go.. and since this trip home was quite a relaxing one, I decided to visit Kota Bahru to check out what's new after 20 years.. The weather was nice and the sky was so beautiful.. The route to KB thru Jertih was quite a slow and boring journey.. we hafta pass thru small villages with small roads along the way.. notice the sign 'Welcome to Kelantan' covered with the bush.. how delightful... hahahah!As soon as we reached Kota Bahru, the scenery started to change.. lots of shoplots, but wider roads only at the start, and started to get narrower once we reached the downtown.. drove slowly around the town, which took me only 10 minutes to cover the whole town drive.. There's a park which is quite famous amongst the tourist, full with historical monuments and buildings surrounding the place.. The park's view from many angles I was so tempted to see the people at first, which is known to be among the most beautiful ladies in Malaysia, but failed to see anyone who met that pretty standards.. probably all the pretty ones migrated to KL or other towns already I believe.. We were all puzzled on where else to go, so decided to ask the information counter of the motel around on what's the place of interest in town, only to get the puzzled and confused face of the counter boy.. which means that they have no idea on what the town can offer, what more giving some suggestions.. how frustrating!
The Museum The Istana Lama and another part of Istana Lama in the middle of the town..Frustrated with the town which has nothing to offer, we decided to drive to the famous Pantai Cahaya Bulan, only to find out that the beach was also frustrating.. just a small stretch of the shore with rocks here and there, and no place to sit and relax.. it has nothing in comparison to Pantai Batu Burok in Ganu and Pantai Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan.. On the way, stopped by a stall that sold Steamed Rice with Fried Chicken..a late lunch indeed.. and again when I asked the lady the way to go to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, she was even more puzzled and gave me the weird looks as if I'm hitting on her.. how sad! Not helping at all!Well, now i started to question what's the specialty of KB and started to compare the town with Kuala Ganu, which I think has lots more to offer.. The people especially needs to be more open towards the outsiders and being more of a helping hand.. May be I have high expectation towards the town and people after so many compliments of how developed the town is now and how pretty the people of Kelantan.. am I being too judgemental? I hope not..The plan to visit the tax free area of Pengkalan Kubur was cancelled as we still hafta drive miles away from town.. so we decided to go back to Ganu by 6pm.. Sorry guys, not a place that I wanna visit again..


mak lang said...

salam. sebenarnya kelantan adalah tempat yang menarik kalau di pandang dari kaca mata seorang wanita (mungkin. Rasanya tempat yang sesuai je yang tak jumpa. selalunya kalau saya ke kltn, mesti menginap satu malam. gerak waktu malam dan sampai di rantau panjang pada pkl 9 pagi. lepas shopping sampai pkl 12, balik ke KB untuk check in hotel. Petang pula pergi ke Pasar Siti Khadijah untuk shopping lagi. Dan sebelah malam baru ke Wakaf Che Yeh untuk shopping lagi. Kat sini lagi happening sebab kebanyakkannya murah berbanding rantau panjang dan psr ct khadijah. Esok lepas sarapan, gerak ke kuala terengganu singgah kat pasar payang utk shopping keropok dan kain batik. On the way back, singgah beli keropok lekor pulak. dalam setahun 3 kali mesti buat aktiviti shopping macam ni tanpa rasa boring. Mungkin banyak lagi yang perlu di 'explore' kan.

NIKO75 said...

i guess so la mak lang..
im not there for shopping pun.. anyway Im looking at it from the 'places to visit' perspective.. and for the locals who can't provide such information for us, it's sad sebab tak tau mana nak pegi..
i guess Ganu has more places to visit and lepak2 laa..
Thanks for the info mak lang.. macam seronok je u shopping ye.. hehehe! may be i will go there again based on your information..