Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The New Water Heater & Donuts for berbuka

The old water heater that I have at home currently is not functioning anymore.. simply because I'm sooo clever enough to wash the inner side of the water filter using water.. which cause the damage to the whole water heater system.. stupid me.. I didn't know... eerrrrr! nope.. I forgot that I can't do that.. heheh!Long story short, got a brand new one.. nicely designed to fit the available space on top of my cute fridge.. and it fits very well there.. heheh.. now I don't hafta boil water anymore.. yeayyy!oh yeah.. stopped by Big Apple Donuts in Cheras to get a few donuts for berbuka.. and I just like the design of the box.. so raya festive mood kinda box.. which occupy half a dozen of precious delicious donuts.. yummy! Really like the white cheesy one very much.. as it's not that sweet compared to the rest.. Again.. nice donuts but less choice.. JCo Donuts got more choices to choose.. Jeff, if ur reading this.. sorry.. heheheh!

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