Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Subang Parade Visit..

It's been quite an ineffective days at work yesterday and today since most of the work were done already.. so a friend asked me to join here and a few others to go to Subang Parade to checkout the stalls for raya clothes there..It's been a longgg while since I last came here.. and nothing major has changed ever since.. every shops that we knew were still in place.. and the place is still the same.. nothing has changed.. The lower Ground floor hosts the Raya stalls, selling many varieties of Raya preparations, from clothes to biscuits.. When we checked out what's new for Raya stalls, I'm quite amazed on the packaging of Kuih Raya these days.. It's quite an upscale market already for those selling kuih raya as they have upgraded it as a very exclusive hamper to send to the customers/ clients.. quite a clever way to catch the new market era..Checkout this one.. cost about RM1500 each.. who would wanna eat kuih raya that much ehh? Then I saw the statue of a cow, which I can't even relate to raya at all.. are they kidding me or what?Good thing Subang Parade, at their mature years of 20 long years of existence, offered more seats and sofas for their customers, parked in front of the customer service counter.. so instead of walking further, the guys were rested on a comfy couch.. while waiting for the ladies to finish their shopping.. We all didn't buy anything at all.. just surveying for price.. and killing time before we go back to office for another boring hours to spend again there... heheheheh!


Anonymous said...

ponteng kerja ye?

NIKO75 said...

tak laa.. this was during the lunch time.. so tak ponteng kerja la kan.. heheheh!