Thursday, September 25, 2008

Migraine! oh Migraine!


Since morning, I had a severe migraine.. it attacks both side of my head as well as the back of the head down to the neck.. I can't even wake up in the morning.. and slept til noon.. hafta go to the doctor nearby, and get the necessary medication.. had my blood pressure checked, thank god it's normal.. 128/80.. which is still ok according to the doctor, and that confirmed the fact that the migraine is not because of the high blood pressure.. Thank God!The doctor advised me not to push my body so hard on my gym routine, as it may affect the body, especially in the fasting month.. hafta rest more.. which is good as that is what I really need now..
A bit of info I got on headache..
Headache or migraine is never looked upon as a serious health problem, which is a wrong thing because the reality is that headache may sometimes be an indication of serious threat to your health as stated by previous studies. Give a look here:-
- Men with Migraine More Prone to Heart Attack!
- Migraine Can Be Related to Minor Heart Problems
- Women with Chronic Headache More Prone to Depression!

However, mainly headache or migraine occurs due to following reasons:-
1. Stress and muscular tension
2. Diet and food sensitivities
3. Eye problems
4. Poor posture, etc.

So, don’t take your headache problem lightly and consult doctor immediately. So, that proper medical treatment could be availed.

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