Friday, September 26, 2008

HomeMade Cookies Experiment..

Sounds too good to be true eh? hahahah..
Well, it's just lately that people around me complaints about the raya cookies which is so expensive.. resulted most of them baking their own cookies.. and it was interesting to hear that the whole family gathers to bake the cookies.. Well, that reminds me of my childhood years where we all hafta help mom baked the cookies, and we all siblings gathered around my mom to watch her mixing up the ingredients and stuff.. and the long wait for the cookies were baked, the aroma, the smell, the ambience, the close bonds that we had together.. i miss those.. hehehe!So, this year, I wanna try to bake the cookies myself.. from the ready made Pillsbury box of course.. heheh.. this is my first try.. and hell yeah I'm no good in mixing up the ingredients yet or forever laaa... but at least i try kannn... baked for 15 minutes.. and walllaaaaa... this is the results of the cookies with no sign of nuts.. so ugly looking.. but tastes good! hahahah! Anyone dares to try one? hahahahahahahah!

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