Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Cheap DVDs from Penang

Whenever you are going to Penang, one of the most important thing to do in the list is to get the cheap DVD.. and for those who knew about how cheap it is in Penang, you must be crazy not to get a bunch of them to take home..
So I bought a few CDs of the latest songs for the pleasure to the ears.. in my blackie.. at RM4 each.. cheap eh! and a few more latest DVDs for me to watch.. at 3 for RM10.. Cheap eh?
Well, I'm not proud of buying pirated stuff.. but if the price of the CDs and DVDs in the market are about 3 times more expensive than this one here.. why bother! Some local regulators should do something to ensure the price competitive so that people can buy original stuff..
I'll post some of the movie reviews soon.. whenever I have time to watch them.. hehehe!


mike said...

Nik which market in Peng u got them? Give me some tips so that next time i'm there i can check it out.

NIKO75 said...

It's the nite market in Bt Feringgi.. It depends on luck la Mike.. sometimes ada, soemtimes not.. but the one that I went was at the front area of the nite market stretch.. when u reach the first traffic light at Bt Feringgi, this is the start of the n ite market stretch.. not far ahead from it on the right is the stall.. you can obviously see the stall is full of people choosing the CDs.. just inform me when ur in Penang..

p.a.k.w.e. said...

kat penang kenapa tak bgtau??

NIKO75 said...

alamakkk... terlupa la naz.. i was so busy with the kenduri and berbuka invitation.. so sorry again.. will be back again this hari raya though..

p.a.k.w.e. said...

still lupa nanti raya