Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fixing The Pipes

It's Sunday, and it was the laziest day of the week.. most of my day were spent on the bed, under the blanket, in the freezing cold temperature of the air-cond.. so lazy to wake up.. what more with puasa time.. heheh! Wake up laaa!I then remebered that I need to fix the bath tub pipes in my bathroom that has been giving me problems for so long.. So late in the evening, my housemate and I went to the DIY shop to get the equipment and rubbers that needs to be replaced in the pipes.. the DIY shop owner has been very helpful, giving us advices on what needs to be changed.. and I decided to get a new shower set to replace the one in the other bathroom.. Thank god I have a housemate who's quite good in the piping stuff.. and he changed the rubber in the pipes for my bath tub, while I changed the shower head for the other bathroom.. It's all set, and I can use the shower at peace again...

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