Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bazar Ramadhan @ Bandar Kinrara

Another visit to the Bazar Ramadan.. this time the place is in Kinrara.. right in front of the school and mosque.. I always like to visit places like bazaar during Ramadhan.. but not necessarily buy lots of stuff from there...Arrived at about 6pm, the crowds were still manageable compared to other places, and I guess this might be due to the wide walkways in between the stalls, so people have ample space to walk and choose food of their preference..Basically all the Bazar Ramadhan sell the similar meals for berbuka, so it's just a matter of planning on what to eat on day by day.. not only it is good for bachelors like me, but also for working couple and parents who works till 5-6pm and have no time to prepare the berbuka food.. and that explains why the bazar is soooooo crowded everywhere in the country..I just bought myself a RM2 worth of the onde-onde or kuih melaka.. the green kuih with brown sugar on the inside and the coconut flakes on the outside.. and my friend bought rojak and cendol too.. to bring to Fizah's house as an additional meal for berbuka..Fizah's inviting us for berbuka together, and she's the one who's cooking the home cooked food.. yummy! It's my turn to host the berbuka for them next week... aiyoooo! Tapau and potluck je la jawabnya! heheheh!


Beruang Madu said...

Hi Niko... wah Param (Pasar Ramdhan) kat kinrara dah macam kat Permaisuri lah .. luas lapang... sesekali Abg Bear nak tengok muka Niko lah buleh tak? sama ada email ker?

NIKO75 said...

hahahah... PARAM.. nice word kannnn.. tmpt tu luas tu la yg seronok berjalan sebab org tak sesak sangat.. so blh la pilih makan puas2..
ada la jugak lagi PARAM yg tak masuk entry lagi.. so malas these few days nak update blog.. muka tu nanti2 la ye.. segan nak letak muka2 ni.. heheheh!
Good to have you again in my blog!