Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Berbuka Puasa @ J.M. Briyani House Subang Jaya

It was the last outing together for the project team last night for berbuka.. and the place was at J.M. Briyani House in Subang Jaya.. Imagine going thru the traffic in Subang, for berbuka.. crazy!But it's all worth the jam.. the place, located at SS18 of Subang Jaya, hosts a really wonderful Biryani I've ever tasted so far.. 2 long tables were booked for the team, and when I arrived, they were already start wallap the food.. the marvelous biryani combined with the lamb and tender beef in curry, added with Masak Merah chicken completes the makan quest.. heheh.. The guys are fighting over the dishes and added another plate of briyani too.. and some even ordered Mee Jawa.. which is also nice! simply mesmerising!The decor and interior of the shop is also cosy and relaxing, and I'm looking forward to be there again for another plate of Nasi Briyani.. Had a short chat after the full stomach over the teh tarik.. and later adjourned either back to the office for some people while some headed home.. My long holiday has officially started!! Yahoooo!

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